Year End Statements

UPDATE 1/24/2024 – December 2023 Statements are now available in AirTeller. Also, 2023 tax forms have been mailed and should be received before the end of January.

Our statement processor experienced a major technical issue on December 30, 2023.  This resulted in statements stored on their servers being unavailable through AirTeller and a delay in printing paper statements.  The latest information we have is that the statements prior to 12/6/2023 will be available sometime next week.  However, as they resume normal operations their focus will be on processing tax documents.  We do not expect the 2023 year-end statements to be available until later this month.

As the use of home banking has increased, the importance of monthly statements has declined.   However, we understand they are still an important account management tool for many and we are working with our processor to resolve the issue as soon as possible.  In the meantime, all information that appears on your statement is available in AirTeller except interest paid on loans last year. 

To view the transactions for an account, simply click on Accounts in the left pane of AirTeller and then click on the account you want to review.  The transactions will display in reverse date order in the pane that opens.  Three years of transactions are available in AirTeller.  You can print the transactions by clicking on the printer icon in the top center of the browser window.  Dividends paid and other information about the account can be found in the right-hand pane.

If you would like a substitute statement, please contact us by starting a conversation in AirTeller or calling us at 307-432-7400.  You can also email us at but do not include your account number or other personal information in the email.

We have no reason to suspect this technical issue resulted in a breach of confidential information.  If this changes, all impacted members will be notified as soon as possible.  We will update this communication as more information becomes available. 

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and will be working with the vendor and others to ensure this does not happen again.

Thank you for your membership.


Jim Yates, President