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Shopping for a Vehicle?

Through our partnership with Enterprise Car Sales, we’re pleased to offer our members a social-distancing-friendly way to purchase a vehicle.

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Kasasa Loans

That’s right — you can pay ahead on your loan with confidence (and save on interest), knowing you can take those extra funds back at any time.

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Apply for a Loan!

Our online application process is quick and easy; start now, and you could be approved in a matter of hours.

First Education

Where the future starts today.

You don’t have to be a teacher to join First Education. Be part of a locally owned Laramie County credit union that’s committed to educating our community! All the technology you need, combined with fast friendly service, means personalized banking—your way. Lower rates on loans, higher rates on savings and lower fees equals more money in your pocket. Come see what credit union ownership really means.

Learn more at https://firstedfcu.com/loans/auto-loans/

Auto Loans

With rates as low as 2.89%*, now is a great time to buy! Our friendly and experienced loan team will help you find the best loan for your new car.

Learn more at https://firstedfcu.com/services/savings-accounts/

Savings Account

From saving up for the holidays, to starting an IRA, our savings accounts are designed to support a bright future for every member here at First Education.

Learn more at https://firstedfcu.learnbanzai.com/

Banzai Learning

Experience real-world financial education in a fun, safe way. Start your better financial future with Banzai.