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Ready to make the switch to First Education Federal Credit Union? We know it’s sometimes a lot of work to change banks. You may have bills paid automatically from your checking or credit card, or routine expenses that are paid through your debit card. You may have online bill pay services set up. Sounds hard, doesn’t it?

Get the Complete Switch Kit here.

We help make switching to us easier in a couple different ways. First, check out our Switch Kit.

Our Switch Kit helps with the following:
1. Organize your bills and banking with the handy checklist.
2. Change automatic withdrawals (ACH or manual) and automatic debit/credit charges.
3. Close accounts you no longer need.
4. Transfer balances from other cards to your First Education Visa credit card. We don’t charge balance transfer fees.
5. You can print the forms and fill them out, or download the whole thing and click’­n­’fill. You won’t have to keep typing repetitive info such as your name, etc. Then print, sign, and mail and you’re done.
Need help? Call us. We are happy to assist in any way we can!

Individual Forms:
Direct Deposit Authorization
Automatic Withdrawals/ACH or Debit Card Charges Form
Authorization to Close Account
Credit Card Balance Transfer Form

The Switch Kit requires Adobe Acrobat 5 or better. Download it free: Adobe Reader

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